At the moment I am writing these posts by myself. I have a big interest in AI and how it will shape the future we will live in 

I am young and curious about what AI will look like in the near future and the distant future 

My mission is to give the world a greater knowledge of AI and how to use it to maximize efficiency 

To try and achieve this goal I am writing blog posts or articles with links to some of the best AI tools to hopefully help many people discover a use of AI to increase their productivity or knowledge


At the moment I am coming up with many ideas for blog posts I could write about. I’m hopping to write at least 1 posts a day on week days so stay updated


I am working on make an AI tool that helps create blog posts and writes stories. I’m calling it NexaAI. 


 I am going to start work on a new project which will keep you updated on AI the latest AI tools and what AI has been alible to achieve in real life. The good and the bad. it will be an unbiased news focused on AI